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Last post made on Jan 28th, eh?

Looks like I'm fashionably late as usual.

Hello everyone, I'm new to this message board, but have been living on this doomed state since I was nine. At the moment, I am a 19 year old Irish/Polish/Cajun/Two-Scoops-of-Raisins/college student hybrid pursuing my Associates Degree while planning my future. This land of spontaneous exploding woodland creatures and poor public education has been cruel and unusual throughout my stay here. Why, up until recently I thought I was cripplingly socially inept because while living in Brevard County I could never seem to maintain a conversation with anyone my own age longer than two awkward minutes. It occured to me while talking to my sister's roomate that I was perfectly capable of diversing about a wide variety of subjects. The problem wasn't that I was unable to keep up a worthwhile conversation, but that the entire Goddamn county of Brevard couldn't!

I have since moved to Orlando and am looking to make some friends. I love Monty Python, The Twilight Zone, original episodes of Star Trek, pulp fiction (the genre), noir, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Catch-22, good literature, movies, and pizza, Sergio Leone, Coen Bros, Robert Rodriguez, Tarantino, Green Day, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, surrealism in all it's incarnations, I believe that Hunter S Thompson died for our sins but am otherwise agnostic, I know a Viking could kick a pirates ass regardless of what the Man-God Maddox would say on the subject, and that this state will sink to it's murky depths (if it knows what's good for it) as soon as I hit Georgia going 70mph a few years from now in a glorious act of self liberation from this weak strip of sand; for I know all too well the pain of living in a state where you're subjected to the same day, weather, and geography for years on end like Bill Murray in Groundshog Day, and what's worse, we have to share this experience with every asshat and his evil twin from a parrallel universe who doesn't give a DAMN about this hellish feeling of imprisonment. It's the same thing over and over! Don't you get it? Scream! Panic! Get the hell out! Get the hell out! Don't you see what's happening?! We must ESCAPE!!!


So, what's everyone do for fun around here?
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